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History of the Park

Established in 1950, this national park in Kenya is small (at just under 800 square kilometres total) but features breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. Located north of Nairobi by about one hundred kilometres, this national park has been created with the intention to protect and preserve the land and wildlife of the Aberdare Mountains.

The Aberdare Mountains are a volcanic mountain range, and as such the land features volcanic soil that is rich in nutrients, which provides excellent growing conditions for all of the native plants, mainly the trees that form the region’s vibrant forests.

Because the mountain range is volcanic, the landscape as a whole is quite dramatic, rugged, and picturesque. Within the lush forests, you can find steep ravines and roaring waterfalls, along with open moorlands.


These vibrant environments are home to a vast array of exotic animals. For example, Aberdare National Park is home to the second largest population of black rhinos, which has only an estimated population of only around five thousand rhinos total in the entire world and is therefore on the endangered list. In Aberdare National Park, these rhinos can live out their lives safe from the threat of poachers and hunters.

This park is also home to African lions as well as leopards, which are both currently considered to be vulnerable to extinction due to their respective population declines (which are in turn caused by an increasing loss of habitat due to human expansion). Thanks to protected places like Aberdare Park, these big majestic cats have a chance to maintain their numbers and live in a healthy environment.

Aberdare National Park also has baboons, black and white Colobus monkeys, and Sykes monkeys. It even has spotted hyenas, buffalo, warthogs, and bushbucks. Some other animals that are present (albeit rare to see) are serval cats, African wild cats, African civet cats, blue duiker (a type of small antelope), Bongo (a kind of antelope that is nocturnal)

There are also loads of species of birds, such as various hawks, goshawks, plovers, eagles, sunbirds, and more.

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So much to see and do

Some favourite activities that visitors partake in when travelling to Aberdare National Park include (but are not limited to) picnicking in scenic locations, fishing in the rivers (which are often full of delicious trout), and camping (the moorlands, in particular, are a popular choice for many camping trips). Bird watching is also a favourite pastime thanks to the many species of birds present in the park, and there are many safaris available should you desire to take a guided tour through the area to admire Kenya’s extraordinary wildlife.

Some favourite places to stay at Aberdare National Park are Treetops Lodge (a good tree-house lodge that began with just two rooms before eventually expanding to contain fifty rooms, it overlooks two waterholes and a salt lick, which attract animals that can be seen from the lodge). The Ark Lodge (which was designed to resemble Noah’s Ark and also overlooks a waterhole and a salt lick). Both chalets feature comfortably furnished rooms and observation lounges that allow visitors to view the native wildlife with ease.

Overall, Aberdare National Park is an excellent place to visit and explore if you want to see the magnificent and spectacular scenery along with exotic wildlife.

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Places to stay

The three main place are the treetops (expensive), the Ark and the sapper huts if you dont mind roughing it a bit.

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Address: Ndaragwa, Kenya 

 Phone: +254 800 597 000

Website: www.kws.go.ke/content/aberdare-national-park

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